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Ways to stay safe, warm during the cold

Updated: Tuesday, January 7 2014, 07:27 PM CST
Posted by: Lauren Gross

HARRISBURG -- State health officials say unless you have to go out, stay indoors, but if you do venture out of your home, limit your outside time, and dress appropriately -- that includes lots and lots of layers.

“The biggest misconception people have is the body does a really good job of regulating temperature. If you start to shiver, get indoors. That is the best thing you can do,” Michael Wolf, secretary of health, said. 

Also, watch for symptoms of hypothermia -- which include shivering, fatigue, loss of co-ordination, and confusion.

Some people had no choice but to be out in the cold weather today – it’s their job.

CBS 21 talked to people directing traffic at the Farm Show.

“I'm layered and layered with clothing.  I have like five coats on under this rain coat.  I have like seven pairs of socks on, I have three pairs of gloves on, I've got hand warmers in here. I have a partner here and we relieve each other about every two hours, we go in for ten minutes, we warm up and come back out,” Larry Kuch said.

Everyone we talked to today says dressing in layers is key. Workers also said they look forward to wrapping up inside after they get off of work.Ways to stay safe, warm during the cold

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