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Weight limits coming to structurally deficient bridges in PA

Updated: Thursday, August 22 2013, 06:18 PM CDT
Written by: Donna Kirker-Morgan

Weight limits on nearly 1,000 structurally deficient Pennsylvania bridges are about to go into place, impacting 111 bridges in Central Pennsylvania.

PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch, says the restrictions reflect an effort to slow the deterioration of our bridges as lawmakers debate whether to provide new funding.

And next spring I will be back with more bridges to be weight listed, Schoch said, if no other funding is provided.

The announcement made on Thursday, includes weight restrictions to 530 state-owned and about 470 locally owned bridges.

PennDOT will be working with local school districts and emergency personnel who have vehicles that could be impacted by the restrictions.
After these restriction are put into place, Pennsylvania will rank 27th in the nation with the percentage of structurally deficient bridges that are posted or closed.

Schoch emphasized that the bridges are still safe to travel over but the weight restrictions will preserve them longer.

State and local police will be responsible for enforcing the weight limits.

PennDOT will begin putting up the new weigh restriction staring August 29. It will take nearly five months to hang the sings on all the impacted bridges.

Pennsylvania already has 567 state bridges and 1, 685 local bridges posted with weight restrictions.Weight limits coming to structurally deficient bridges in PA

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