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Western PA woman sues county over post-arrest amputation

Updated: Tuesday, December 31 2013, 01:18 PM CST
Associated Press

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A western Pennsylvania woman has sued a county sheriff's deputies and its jail claiming her lower arm had to be amputated due to rough treatment during her arrest followed by improper medical treatment once she was incarcerated.

Attorney Marvin Leibowitz says his client, 35-year-old Amy Needham, feels her life is "ruined" by her injuries.

Needham says five deputies broke down her door on April 2 and arrested her for a missing a court hearing on a charge that was eventually reduced to disorderly conduct -- a citation.

She says they twisted her arm and put on handcuffs that were too tight, affecting the blood flow and nerves in the limb. Once jailed, Needham contends staff denied 16 requests for medical attention before she was hospitalized and had the arm amputated.

A spokeswoman says the county doesn't comment on litigation.Western PA woman sues county over post-arrest amputation

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