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Winter Preview: Grab a shovel, a white winter in the forecast

Updated: Monday, October 7 2013, 06:35 PM CDT
Reported by Chief Meteorologist Tom Russell and Meteorologist Nate Wardle:

As we look ahead to the late fall and winter season, we continue with our analog of 2009. So September 2009 had an average temperature of 65.7.

September 2013? 65.8. Both slightly below average.

Here's what we are thinking. The 2nd half of October will be much cooler and wetter than how we started the month. This will help with our rainfall deficit. It also signals a shift in the pattern back to cooler and more active, at least temporarily.

Look for a warm-up in November, even some 60s around Thanksgiving.

But then it is cold weather taking over in December with frequent, smaller snow storms. Yes, another shot at a White Christmas (which we did have last year, so no complaining.)

January will be slightly warmer and less active, with some fierce cold returning late in the month and lasting into February. If we continue with our analog, February 2010 brought record snowfall with two significant storms back-to-back early in the month. We are overdue for a big snow storm and I would look for it by late January or February.

February will lessen its chilly grip by late in the month, giving way to a mild March.

Remember, with seasonal forecasts, we have to think bigger picture. Winter Preview: Grab a shovel, a white winter in the forecast

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