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Witnesses, police at odds over whether shots were fired in after-school fight

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 07:32 PM CDT
Reported by Chris Papst:

Harrisburg -- A video that surfaced Thursday showed a massive fight between Harrisburg High School students.  That video, and the sounds in it, has many asking one important question; were shots fired? 

Police say no, but the video seems to prove otherwise. 

One woman, who heard it, says she knows what it was.
"It sounded exactly like a gun shot,” said Dot Mentzer.

Wednesday afternoon, soon after Harrisburg High School let out, a student fight broke out on Rudy Road near Hale Avenue.  Dot Mentzer had just taken her dog out for a walk, when she heard the loud bangs. 

"I heard that and I said, 'that's it.  I'm going back in the house.’  It's one of the best things to do is get back in your house,” added Mentzer.

Soon after the fight, police released a statement saying no shots were fired.  But then the video surfaced, which was recorded by a witness. 

CBS 21 reached out to police for clarification, but our many emails and phone calls over the last two days have not been returned.

“I hate to tell them this but I heard it,” said Mentzer, responding to a question about police saying no shots were fired.  “And if I heard it, I'm sure other people heard it."

People like Tracy Jackson.

“There were shots fired,” said Jackson, who lives on the street where the fight happened.
“You could hear the shots being fired,” Jackson added.  “There were shots fired."
After the fight police also reported that no people were injured and no arrests were made.
Witnesses, police at odds over whether shots were fired in after-school fight

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