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Woman claims she killed 22 people as part of Satanic cult

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 10:11 PM CST
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

SUNBURY -- Friends of a Snyder County man allegedly killed by the so-called craigslist killers don’t believe the latest story from Miranda Barbour.

The 19-year-old reportedly told a Daily Item reporter that she also killed at least 22 others with a Satanic cult that she was part of since the age of 13.  

CBS 21 went to talk with Bloomsburg Criminal Justice professor Bob Moschgat who is right now teaching a course on cults.  

“I would really caution the media not sensationalize current situation,” he said.

That warning comes after incredible new revelations from Miranda Barbour to the local Sunbury newspaper. She is already accused of killing Troy LeFerrara with the help of her husband last November.

Police say LeFerrara answered a Craiglist add by Miranda Barbour who was offering companionship for money. Court records say Miranda set up a clandestine meeting with LeFerrara in November at a Walmart near Selinsgrove.

Miranda’s husband hid the in the back of the car, and once they reached a secluded spot, he choked the 42-year-old man while Miranda stabbed him, police say.

“At this point in time, you have a woman facing very serious charges and possibly the death penalty, she needs to rationalize her behavior why she did it,” Moschgat said.

The professor says there's also a key part of her story that doesn't actually fit with the Church of Satan's teachings.

You have young woman saying they were punishing bad people. Historically, satanic human sacrifice was sacrificing a pure person,” the professor explains.
People who knew Troy Leferrara also don't buy it.

Kelly Bailor grew up with LeFerrara and said, “My opinion is she watches a lot of TV, it’s just a way to up the possibly to get insanity plea.”

One person who didn’t want to give his name said, “No woman is capable of killing that many people. She just wants attention.”

And the professor says in past satanic scares, it has been proven to not be a group of an organized religion, instead it’s been an act of very bad individuals.
Woman claims she killed 22 people as part of Satanic cult

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