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Woman left without water for six weeks; CBS 21 helps her get answers

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 07:35 PM CST
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

ELIZABETHTOWN -- A woman living in a Dauphin County mobile community park, just north of the Lancaster County line, said she was left without water for six weeks and action was not taken until Tuesday, after CBS 21 News visited her home.

Mary Hecht, 64, has lived at the Cedar Manor Mobile Home Park for seven years. She said she was without water for weeks and reported the matter on Feb. 1 to management, yet did not have any action. 

Refilling water jugs, Hecht said she has to fill them up repeatedly to put flush her toilet and do her dishes, which were piled high in her kitchen. 

“I’ve had to go to my older children’s houses to take showers,” Hecht said. 
GSP Management owns the property, as well as several other mobile home communities throughout Pennsylvania. CBS 21 News contacted a lawyer with the firm who said management had been aware of Hecht’s situation in mid-February but were preparing to resolve the issue after crews looked into the lines and went to excavate.

The company’s lawyer, Dan Schranghamer, agreed Hecht’s water problem should be resolved.

Hecht said she was told at first her water pipes were to blame and that pipes below the trailer are the mobile home’s responsibility. Her son had checked and discovered water was not coming from the community’s main line. 

During an interview with Hecht, the sounds of construction crews were heard outside her back door. Identified as maintenance crews from Cedar Manor, crews dug up the ground out from her home. By Tuesday afternoon, Hecht’s daughter-in-law said the water had been restored. 

While the lawyer would comment over the phone, maintenance crews would not comment on the work involved with Hecht’s situation, or if other water problems arose throughout the mobile home park. 

Recently, after a lawsuit filed in federal court, GSP Management was fined for more than a million dollars after investigators found evidence of more than 4,300 Clean Water Act violations at 15 mobile home parks and more than 900 Safe Drinking Water Act violations in 30 mobile home parks.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Cedar Manor was cited for exceedeance of discharge limits, failing to properly operate and maintain a wastewater treatment plant under the a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit.
Woman left without water for six weeks; CBS 21 helps her get answers

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