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Woman speaks out about Kortne Stouffer

Updated: Sunday, March 23 2014, 11:36 PM CDT
Reported by: Ewa Roman
Contributor: Lea Jolan (

The woman who says she knows what happened to missing Palmyra woman, Kortne Stouffer, speaks out.

Thursday night Amanda Ballester said she knew Kortne and wants to tell her side of the story.

She is not just now coming forward.  Ballester says she was at a party in Ocean City the week Kortne went missing and there were two men there bragging about how they killed her and stole her money and drugs.

Ballester kept digging and recently found out Kortne's body was allegedly dumped in Memorial Lake.  Ballester says she reached out to the district attorney who told her the lake had already been searched.  It wasn't until recently she found it wasn't.

Last week CBS 21 spoke with the Lebanon County DA, David Arnold.  He said he doesn't believe Ballester because her story has changed so he doesn't want to assemble a dive team to start a search.

But Ballester says, "I just think he doesn't want to pursue looking for her for some odd reason I mean there's been so many tips [from] people online he says that's no enough that's hearsay or pushes it away."

CBS 21 will continue to bring you the latest on the Kortne Stouffer case.Woman speaks out about Kortne Stouffer

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