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Wristbands welcomed, not required at North York Borough Trick-or-Treat

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 06:11 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

It's the talk of a York County Borough, will kids not be able to trick-or-treat unless they have a wristband? The answer? Yes.

York Borough officials tell us that anyone is allowed to trick-or-treat
in the Borough, but they are handing out free wristbands to identify
kids who live in the borough.

Officials tell CBS 21 News, there
won't be anyone stopping non-borough kids from trick-or-treating, but
this will give some homeowners an easy out if they don't want to give
goodies to kids who are from other neighborhoods.

"Some of the
people complained last year because municipalities around us canceled
their Halloween and all the people seem to come to North York. Then kids
in the borough went around and people didn't have any candy to give
them because too many kids showed up." Said Richard Shank, Chairman of

Kids without wristbands won't be banned from ringing
doorbells, but it will be up to the treat providers to decides who gets
a goodie.  "If they see an armband and want to give candy to the kids,
fine.  If they see one without, they can still give it to them,  but if
they don't they have an out." Shank said.

Deb Smith, a borough
resident says she won't be looking for wristbands. "I won't deprive them
of not having candy.  I will give the children candy when they come,
whether they have a bracelet or no bracelet."

Most people say
that your neighborhood stretches past your borough line and everyone
deserves candy on Halloween.  "I understand Things change but if you
can't trust your own neighborhood who can you trust." Smith said. Wristbands welcomed, not required at North York Borough Trick-or-Treat

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