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York City braces for students as state rules New Hope must close

Updated: Friday, October 18 2013, 09:47 AM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

YORK CITY -- New Hope Academy parents and students were encouraged to use snail mail, email, Twitter, and Instagram to fight against the charter school's ordered closure.

Parents and students packed the cafeteria Thursday night with inspirational stories of why New Hope Academy should not be closed.

"I never made honor roll 'til I came here. They don't understand the big impact they cause on us," Aleyina Rivera said.

Jermari Murphy said, "New Hope has given a chance to kids that York city schools has given up on."

The school is facing closure because York City School Board voted to not renew its charter. Academy leaders are telling parents to get these letters and emails out.

One couple was not leaving with getting these letters out.

"My daughter won't be going back to city schools," Mary Moland said.

But the city school leadership says it's this school that is really failing the kids, and a state rating gives New Hope a grade of only 44.4 percent.

But there is also money involved in all this, too. Tax dollars follow any child who chooses a charter school.

"It is about the money. It's in their recovery plan. It's not even hidden their plan is to get the students back," Academy Manager Isaiah Anderson said.

The school had been ordered to close by Jan. 15. But tonight they announced they will ask a court to at least delay the closure to the end of the school year as they fight the bigger battle to stay open for longer.

Meanwhile, York City School District is reportedly preparing to reopen a middle school that was recently closed to take in hundreds of these students, if the court action fails.York City braces for students as state rules New Hope must close

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