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York County adding new gun permit office

Updated: Friday, October 25 2013, 05:50 PM CDT
Reported by: Christian Butler 

YORK -- York County is expanding its concealed weapons licensing office. By the middle of December, a separate pistol permit office will open inside the York County Judicial Center on North George Street.

County leaders cite a continuous increase in applications as the reason for the new office. State records show that in 2001 there were just over 3,800 applications, but by last year that number had skyrocketed to 10,800.

Keith Saltsburg runs Warrington Gun Club. It's primarily a shot gun club, with 15 stations. It covers 185 acres. They have been accident-free at the club since at least 1965.

"Safety is the key. It's our number one priority," he explained.  Saltsburg is a pistol owner himself. He supports efforts to make sure those who want guns can properly apply for them, but worries too many people may get a pistol without the proper training.

"Having a permit and carrying a pistol is a very, very serious responsibility. The most serious part of it is knowing when you should use it and when you should not use it," he said.

"No one should run out and get a permit first without being trained. That's just silly," he added. He's not surprised to hear about the jump in gun ownership and registration, especially with pistols.

"I think it's more of a safety issue than a sport issue, I really do. There is very little sport in shooting a pistol," he said. The office will be located on the first floor of the York County Judicial Center, right next to the sheriff's office.

The county had previously tried expanding hours to accommodate the applications. 
York County adding new gun permit office

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