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York County boy learns valuable lesson after pilfered pumpkin gets replaced

Updated: Friday, October 18 2013, 10:16 PM CDT
Reported by: Kyle Rogers

YORK -- The child victim of a Halloween heist is happy again after a local farm gave him a new pumpkin.

Jaiden Newcomer, 9, woke up Tuesday morning to find that his 100-pound pumpkin was missing. He won it at a contest where he guessed its weight correctly and proudly displayed it on his porch. 

Then someone pilfered the pumpkin from his porch leaving Jaiden perturbed.
“He wakes up every morning and comes home every night from school hoping someone put it back,” his mother, Amy, said in an interview with CBS 21 News on Thursday.

But after watching the report, the owner of Ashcombe Farm and Greenhouse near Mechanicsburg decided she wanted to help Jaiden out. 

During a live interview with Chief Meteorologist Tom Russell on CBS 21 News Thursday, an Ashcombe representative said they’d donate their biggest pumpkin to Jaiden.

Traveling from York on Friday afternoon, Jaiden and his family visited the farm, where he was able to pick out the large pumpkin. It was so big he couldn’t pick it up by himself. 

“I guess it’s 80 pounds,” he said. However, while the pumpkin was rather significant in size, it only weight 55 pounds. Still though, he said it was a “keeper.”

While this pumpkin could fit in the trunk, unlike the 100-pound pumpkin, he and his grandfather rolled it out on the wagon and put it in a safe location near their home. 

“I’m appreciative,” he said of the donation from the Ashcombe staff. 

The elementary schooler was very happy while looking at his new pumpkin and said he learned a lesson.

“When some people steal things from you and care about you and give you something, and it’s not the same and kinda like the same,” he said. “That’s pretty cool.”

Newcomer plans to add another pumpkin in the corner. He received a call from the place where he originally got his first pumpkin and they’re happy to donate one in lieu of the snatched squash. 

York County boy learns valuable lesson after pilfered pumpkin gets replaced

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