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York County YMCA loses day care license

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 01:20 PM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler
Contributor: Lauren McLane

YORK -- A child care facility in the YMCA in York City has had its license to operate revoked after a months-long investigation by the Department of Public Welfare.

The center, known as YMCA Child Care Center, 90 N. Newberry St., York, has allegations and investigations dating back to April.

Even though the daycare's license was revoked, the center can stay open while it appeals the Department of Welfare's decision.

According to a letter sent to the facility, the department's decision to revoke provisional certification was based on the facility's failure to comply with department's regulations, gross incompetence, and negligence.

Representatives of DPW conducted a complaint investigation of the facility on Aug. 7 and a representative verified that a staff member at the facility had used physical discipline on a child, which resulted in the child needing medical treatment.

On July 31, a representative conducted a complaint investigation and found a staff member using physical discipline on a child and screaming at the child to "shut up." The child also was singled out and made to stand up for nine minutes during nap time as a punishment.

On June 24, the department conducted another complaint investigation and a representative found that a staff member yanked a child by the arm as a form of discipline. 

On April 19, an investigation was initiated after a report that a staff member had taken a class of three- and four- year-olds swimming March 22 and did not count the children before leaving. As a result, one child was left unattended in the classroom for approximately 10 minutes and was found by another staff member who walked by the room and saw the child alone.

"This is very serious and any childcare center that has any sort of violations we take very seriously were there to ensure the safety of the children." Said Carey Miller, with the Department of Public Welfare.

Miller explained that the center was given a provisional license back in April after an incident after a child was left behind during a field trip day.  When the violations were not corrected, the provisional license was revoked.

"The center can remain open at this time they have submitted the appeal they've also submitted plan of correction for the violations that they had once the department reviews that will go out and do an unannounced visit." Miller said. 

There's no clear timeline on when that will happen, but in the mean time the center is open. As of January there were 86 children enrolled at the center. All of the children were between age 1 and school age.

Miller encourages concerned parents to contact them.  "Parents are our eyes and ears and they can help us if they have complaints or things they don't think is right they let us know then we can go out and investigate."

If parents have questions they are asked to call 717-772-7078. York County YMCA loses day care license

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