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York woman in unexplained coma-like state; family seeks answers

Updated: Wednesday, August 7 2013, 07:29 AM CDT
Reported by: Christina Butler

A 24-year-old woman from York County is in a coma-like state, and no one can explain why to her family.

It began when Lynn Ruiz-Tovar showed up at Harrisburg Hospital July 12.

She was in a coma that day. Her family says they were not notified until the following Monday. "We had a million questions, how did she get here? What happened?" her sister, Ashley Keezel-Gruver, wants to know. 

At first they were told a "good Samaritan" dropped Ruiz-Tovar off, but they later met the person who claimed to have dropped her off and found she used a fake name. 

Keezel-Gruver and her mother believe Ruiz-Tovar was assaulted and suffocated, which led to the coma. The woman's car was missing, and the family later found it near the home of a male Ruiz-Tovar was acquainted with who they say she had a sometimes violent past with. 

Their frustration stems from a lack of police investigation by Harrisburg Police. The investigating officer told us they cannot comment until the family agrees to speak with them, mentioning the family had refused to and cancelled meetings.
Ruiz-Tovar's sister and mother say they have only had to cancel one meeting, and tried unsuccessfully to re-schedule it. 

Ruiz-Tovar remains in a coma-like state, but Keezel-Gruver says she can respond to questions by blinking. She tires quickly though and is yet to speak.
It is not clear yet if she can ever regain full brain function. 

Ruiz-Tovar was an entertainer at a Harrisburg gentleman's club. Her family says she worked there because she made good money, and had previously worked three jobs at the same time. 

A trace amount of cocaine was found in her system, but her mother says doctors told them it was not enough to put her in this condition.

"People think now she was a druggie, but this is my sister, her daughter, my daughter's aunt, her daughter's mother and our grandparent's grandchild," Keezel-Gruver says.

"She wasn't into that, she was a good girl who was happy-go-lucky and had a lot," she added. 

Ruiz-Tovar's bills are soaring since she was uninsured. The family has set up a website at 

There are also two fundraisers scheduled:  

* Saturday at 1 p.m. there will a Tattoo Party at Full Throttle Tattoo on West Market Street in York. 

* Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. there will be a benefit car wash at Advanced Auto Zone on West Market Street, YorkYork woman in unexplained coma-like state; family seeks answers

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