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Why Advertising Works

Consumers are always at various stages of buying specific products or services. If they are not in the market today for the goods or services that you offer, chances are they will be soon. Like trying to time the stock market, too many advertisers think they should “try” one form of advertising or another and “see if it works” for a short period of time. The truth that most effective marketers know is that your commercial message must consistently be promoted, to achieve maximum results. Our recommendation is 12 months per year, unless your business is strictly seasonal. Building brand awareness, or having brand equity in the marketplace, takes time. But once established, attracting new customers to your business becomes easier to achieve due to the “Top-Of-Mind-Awareness gained. This awareness allows your business to enjoy increased familiarity and consumer understanding of who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer in the sea of competing companies or brands. Simply put, as consumers enter the market for the product or service your company sells, you will already be an option on their shopping list.

Advertising also only works well if it conveys the right message. Speak to consumers in terms that are meaningful to them, not simply meaningful to you as a business. It’s not that your “years of experience” or the fact that you are “family-owned” aren’t important, it’s just that they may not be the reason someone would choose to do business with you. In addition too many competitors all say the same things to consumers and many of them simply aren’t the most relevant reasons people buy. Are you conveying benefits about the products and services you sell, or are you simply offering features? Consumers buy products and services that are unique in solving their problems, or have benefits that competing products and services do not. Tell the marketplace what makes you special, and what’s in it for them, and they will seek out your business.

The last ingredient in the secret sauce of effective advertising is the right audience. Television reaches more people each day than any other medium, people spend more time each day with television, and television remains by far the most exciting, influential, and engaging medium that exists today. 70% of people learn first about products and brands from television, it is the primary source for news for most adults, especially breaking news, and the primary source for local weather, sports, and traffic. Television station websites are visited monthly by about 40% of the marketplace. (TvB 2010 Media Comparisons) In Central PA, CBS 21 reaches a weekly on-air audience of over 600,000 Adults 18+. CBS averages over 130,000 unique visitors to its site each month and delivers about 2,000,000 page views. Combined with the internet and other digital media, there is no other strategy that can produce better results for local businesses than partnerships with CBS 21.

The Power of Television and Digital Media

The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of digital media, delivers a powerful "1-2 punch" that no other media can match. CBS 21 drives viewers to throughout the day and week for the latest news, weather, sports and consumer information. CBS 21 also promotes, manages, and offers a variety of other advertising platforms to help your business grow: Search advertising, text campaigns, a viewer loyalty website, and mobile news applications are some of the other exciting and innovative ways we can help your business find new customers.

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