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Entertainment News

Last Update on February 05, 2016 08:10 GMT


PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- We now know there will be a criminal trial for Bill Cosby. But what we don't know is what evidence will end up being presented at the trial. Those matters will be hashed out over a series of pre-trial hearings. And the decisions will have a big say in whether Cosby walks out of court a free man -- or ends up in prison. Prosecutors want to use Cosby's testimony from the civil lawsuit filed by accuser Andrea Constand. Also expected to be bitterly fought over in court -- whether any of the other women who accuse Cosby of sexual assault will be allowed to testify.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The teams are set for the Super Bowl. And those who will be entertaining at halftime are also ready. And like the game itself -- which marks the 50th time teams have battled for NFL supremacy -- the halftime entertainment will represent the past, present and future. Coldplay's lead singer says his group will be joined by BeyoncT and a youth orchestra to represent past halftime shows and future ones, with them in the middle. Chris Martin says the band has looked over the other halftime shows multiple times and says "most of them are fantastic." As for the game itself, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland says they are "firmly split down the middle between those of us who know absolutely nothing about football and those of us who know almost absolutely nothing about football."

<<CUT ..010 (02/05/16)>> 00:17 "Bowl halftime show"

011-a-17-(Chris Martin, lead singer of band Coldplay, at news conference)-"right up there"-Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin says the band's Super Bowl 50 halftime show will try to honor the past, present and future. ((note length of cut)) (5 Feb 2016)

<<CUT ..011 (02/05/16)>> 00:17 "right up there"


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Check this out: there will be almost as many cameras covering this year's Super Bowl as there are players. CBS will have 70 cameras trained on the big game -- not quite one per player, but close with each team fielding a 46-man roster for the contest. One of the biggest upgrades for the game is EyeVision 360 -- which provides a full perspective of what goes on down on the field. There are also cameras embedded in each side of the four pylons that mark the end zone boundaries. The 16 cameras in the pylons alone are more than the 11 cameras that captured the action in the first of the 50 Super Bowl games, played in 1967.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -- There will be lots of talk about diversity in Hollywood at tonight's NAACP Image Awards. But organizers say the host, presenters and recipients of the awards won't be preoccupied with the latest "white-out" at the Oscars. Executive producer Phil Gurin says: "The Oscars are their show, and we're our show." At the opening of last year's Image Awards, host Anthony Anderson did a song poking fun at other award shows' lack of diversity set to the tune "Uptown Funk." Anderson hosts again this year.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) -- They were dissed by the Oscars. But several black actors and filmmakers may end up being kissed tonight at the NAACP Image Awards. Among those up for honors: "Creed" star Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler. Also nominated is Idris Elba for his work on "Beasts of No Nation." And for those who think the NAACP Awards are only for black artists, think again. This year's nominees include Latina actress Gina Rodriguez, Indian-American actor-writer Aziz Ansari and "Transparent" creator Jill Soloway -- who is white.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Back in 2000, a coalition of groups called on the TV industry to step up its game when it came to minority hiring. Now the same organization is trying to get Hollywood to follow suit. The Multi-Ethnic Media Coalition has asked Sony, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, Paramount and Disney to join talks aimed at bringing diversity to the big screen. The effort is to increase the number of blacks and other minorities in acting gigs. And organizers hope to increase minority ranks in off-camera jobs like working on soundstages and in the executive suites.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The ladies have a slight edge in "American Idol's" Top 24. Eleven guys make it compared to 13 women. The judges have been saying all along this season the women in the auditions were better than the men. Among those who make it are Trent Harmon, who suffered through Hollywood Week with a full-blown case of mono, and 15-year-old Jeneve Rose Mitchell, who lives in a remote Colorado cabin with no electricity or running water. Last night, the final Idol slot went to La'Porsha Renae, a single mom who lived for a time in a homeless shelter with her baby daughter. She was in tears when the judges told her she makes it through. Next week, 12 of Top 24 will perform before five are cut.

<<CUT ..014 (02/05/16)>> 00:17 "that was rough"


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- That didn't take long. No sooner than authorities in Mexico announced they were issuing an order for actress Kate del Castillo to come forward and tell what she knows about her secret meetings with drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman -- her reps are saying she's willing to do that. Her attorney says del Castillo is "not hiding anything." Mexican officials want to interview her as part of a probe of possible money-laundering. She helped broker a meeting between Guzman and American actor Sean Penn.